What's Included?
Set-up, Delivery, and Pickup arranged the same day unless a multiday rental.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and checks. If you want to pay by credit card please call to make those arrangements.

What weather conditions can I use the inflatables in?
Preferably dry conditions, though very light rain is acceptable if unavoidable. Do not allow children to be in the unit while raining. Lightning and winds over 15 mph are not acceptable. Use good judgment and do not chance a storm. Please allow the unit to dry out if weather permits after becoming wet.

What type of surfaces can an inflatable be placed on?
Grass is preferred and safest, though we may set up on pavement, concrete, or gym floors. Please let us know when you reserve what type of surface you will use so we can plan for anchors and protective tarps.

What type of electricity is required for an inflatable?
Typically, the units require a 110-volt AC outlet within 100 feet. If this is not possible, please let us know and we can make arrangements. A generator may be necessary in some circumstances.

How much room do I need to set up an inflatable?
These are the inflatable dimensions in feet, which means a few extra feet are needed to fit the blower and safety entrance step on each unit:

Are the inflatables safe? My children will be in them.
Yes, the inflatables are safe if you use them correctly. There are thousands of them being used across America today with an excellent safety record. Accidents are few, but are almost always the result of negligence, primarily unsupervised use or un-enforced rules. Our units are made to high quality and safety standards. You will notice that our units have a small entrance door, which is a safety feature to prevent children from falling out. In case of a power source failing, escape can be made through the top of the unit.

Is adult supervision required?
Adult supervision is always required - NO EXCEPTIONS! You are responsible for the safety of your children and the safety of the children under your care. Please enforce the rules posted on the unit, and those given to you by the staff member assigned to your function.. If there is ever any doubt, please contact us at (865) 567-9100

Are we a legitimate business?
Yes, definitely. We are licensed by the state, county, and city governments to operate here and in surrounding areas. Ultimate Mega Parties currently operates as an L.L.C., as registered with the State of Tennessee.